Where is the horseriding done?

Route of one hour through the Natural Park  Montgrí-Medes-Baix Ter Natural Park. Agricultural area, wetlands, near the river and the beach.

The most common excursions that do not require any level of riding are those of one hour and those of one hour and twenty minutes, with a stretch of beach, and that we adapt to the experience of each person.

To carry out these activities successfully, we have qualified instructors with extensive experience in the world of horse riding as well as in the guide of groups of people on horseback in the natural environment to always accompany the groups.

The prices of these routes are 28 euros an hour and 37 euros an hour and twenty, per person.


Open all year long! 


Reserve in advance !  


The maximum authorized weight to ride our horses is 90 kg, approx.  


What do you need to practice horse riding ?:

Comfortable and closed footwear

Comfortable long pants